Sustainable engagement

Our mission is to empower tech entrepreneurs to build a better tomorrow. We are convinced that the champions of tomorrow will be the ones bringing business performance and sustainability into a bold virtuous circle.

Being a tech investment ecosystem, we believe that our engagement should focus on 2 main issues:

Inclusion and diversity

What we want to achieve with inclusion in our ecosystem is to create a fairer and more diverse tech and investment industry.

Responsible tech

What we want to achieve with responsible tech is to reduce the ecological footprint of our daily digital lifestyles.

This sustainable commitment is embodied with the signatures of important charters in our ecosystem.

These commitments enable Ring to learn from inspiring partners and communities and structure our sustainable engagement.

As an investor

We are convinced that sustainable practices are key to support value creation in the long-run.

We have built a dedicated ESG policy to supervise our ESG approach

Convinced of its responsibility towards its ecosystem and its potential impact on portfolio companies, Ring Capital has continuously improved its ESG policy. We believe ESG analysis can be a tool for more value creation, and a way to engage founders, employees, customers and stakeholders. We are also convinced that ESG is a powerful tool to limit investment risks.

ESG Policy

We promote investments in companies which build a sustainable future

For example, we have built an investment vehicle, solely dedicated to support companies which use tech to address a social or environmental impact.

We closely monitor the sustainability strategy of our portfolio

For example, we publish an ESG report once a year on our portfolio and we systematically require the company to provide an update on its Sustainability strategy at a board once a year, at least.

We provide active support to companies in their sustainability journey

As an example, our support program Ring2Success organizes regular workshops with our portfolio companies on sustainability topics.

As a company

As a company, we seek to embody our mission throughout our team and governance.

We have built an Sustainability Committee to pilot our Sustainability strategy

This Committee gathers once a year to review the Sustainability strategy of Ring Capital, and review the ESG strategy of its funds under management. In 2021, the Sustainability Committee will welcome an independent body.

We have built our own philanthropic fund, the Ring Foundation

The Ring Foundation is funded by 5% of our funds’ fees and is dedicated to providing financial and operational support to early-stage tech charities, tackling major social issues in an innovative way, in line with Ring's vision and DNA.

We train our team on various sustainability issues

For example, we organize an annual internal training on various topics (ie ESG challenges, carbon emission in tech, diversity in tech…).

Ring Foundation Philantropic fund

This philantropic fund is our key tool to promote inclusion in tech. It is dedicated to financing and supporting early stage non-profit associations using tech as a driver for social inclusion.