Operational support

Ring2Success gathers 15+ experts to help our portfolio companies grow and scale.

Ring2Success convictions

First, clearly define the strategic differentiators that set the company apart in the market.
Second, never underestimate your investments in Sales & Marketing.
Third, spend time and ressource on building your company culture with the best talents.

Business focus

The program helps our portfolio companies' team focus on aligning strategy with operations and allow them to grow and scale.

Mix of methodology and pragmatism

The program is built on simple and efficient tools and methodologies that are continuously adapted to the companies' situation and priorities.

Collective intelligence

The program aims at connecting the right person at the right timing leveraging our team of 15+ mentors and top-notch business experts as well as creating synergies within the portfolio.


Ring2Success has been built as an independent program working alongside Ring’s investment team to secure our investment and increase the value creation in the portfolio.

Ring2Success experts and mentors

Ring2Success gathers a team of 15+ 360° mentors capable of supporting CEOs as well as top-notch experts covering key business area such as HR, finance, marketing, product, sales, etc.
The team is lead by Thibaut Bechetoille, chairman of Ozon and president of Croissance+, who works as an Operating Partner for Ring and manages the Ring2Sucess Program.

Discover the Ring2Success Team

Thibaut Bechetoille

Operating Partner for Ring2Success

Florence Bonpaix

HR / Talent acquisition

Clément Cezard

Biz Dev / Growth

Michel Gotlib

Positioning, Growth Marketing & Branding

Yannick Grandjean

Corporate Social Responsability

Jean-Michel Janoueix

Executive Officers Support

Yvonne Jouffrault

Product Marketing

Valérie Lanata


Audrey Malaizé


Maria-Elena Manzoni

HR / Human Development

Régis Medina


Stéphane Munier

Strategic positioning, Value proposition

Bonnie Ravina

B2B Marketing (US)

Hubert Reynier

Executive Coaching

Etienne Viellard

B2B Marketing

David Zaoui

Indirect Distribution

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