Founders / Executives Grégoire Hug, Marion Aubert, Sabrine Aouida et Guillaume Klech

    The SaaS platform developed by WeeFin enables financial institutions to collect, aggregate and enhance the quality of ESG data, as well as to analyze and monitor their ESG commitments and produce all regulatory reporting.

    “Our mission is to raise the standards of sustainable finance by facilitating our customers' day-to-day activities and guiding them towards increasingly ambitious ESG strategies.”
    In Ring Capital since 2023
    Employees 50
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    Impact dimensions of the deal

    The challenge the company wants to solve

    The traditional employment market is both challenged by the talents (the big quit) and criticized by its incapacity to include all talents.

    The way we measure it

    We measure the positive impact on the environment by measuring the avoided tons of CO2 emitted compared to the traditional construction mode, the number of avoided tons of concrete as well as the potential economies of energy after the construction.

    The way we measure it

    We measure the number of plastic avoided thanks to the Castalie fountains. We also measure the CO2 avoided (CO2 emissions due to the transportation of the water bottles).