Soil Capital

    Founders / Executives Chuck de Liedekerke, Alejandro Trenor and Nicolas Verschuere

    Through its platform, Soil Capital enables farmers to calculate and certify their GHG footprint efforts, in a simple, and efficient way. Then, it helps them monetise it, bringing to the table food and agro companies proactively changing their model and willing to finance farmers who deliver more sustainable outcomes.

    70% of the carbon emissions of a food product are linked to the production of agricultural raw materials, the need to move upstream supply chains towards low-carbon agriculture is urgent and clear.
    Employees 33
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    Impact dimensions of the deal

    The challenge the company wants to solve

    Agriculture, the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in France, can fight against climate change both by reducing its emissions and by sequestering CO2 in the soil, while preserving and restoring biodiversity.

    The impact company has

    Soil Capital runs a European carbon remuneration program to enable farmers to measure and value each year the practices they implement on their farms to reduce their CO2 emissions and store carbon in the soil, via the generation of carbon certificates, preferably financed by food companies seeking to reduce their scope 3 emissions.

    The way we measure it

    We measure the number of new farmers per year and the number covered by the program.