Founders / Executives Dario Spagnolo

    O’clock is the Edtech company which wants to make online developer training accessible to everyone and everywhere. Its ambition: democratize coding and favour inclusion thanks to quality and accessible trainings

    Providing code training to all is at the heart of our mission!
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    Impact dimensions of the deal

    The challenge the company wants to solve

    O'Clock contributes to the UN-defined SDG 4: ensure equal access to quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities through their accessible training offering.

    The impact company has

    O'clock seeks to make training in Web Dev professions accessible to as many people as possible through its telepresence format.

    The way we measure it

    We measure the positive impact on the environment by measuring the avoided tons of CO2 emitted compared to the traditional construction mode, the number of avoided tons of concrete as well as the potential economies of energy after the construction.