Founders / Executives Alexandre Dana & Anaïs Pretot

    LiveMentor turns entrepreneurial dreams into reality by offering innovative online training and coaching with a mentor. The objective is simple: democratize entrepreneurship and make it easier to start a business in France and in Europe.

    Our ambition is to offer entrepreneurial vocations the best chances to succeed in their business projects!
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    Impact dimensions of the deal

    The challenge the company wants to solve

    Livementor addresses the complexity for an individual to find a relevant training to create its own business and to make it solid and viable.

    The impact company has

    Livementor's mission is to democratize entrepreneurship and business creation through an accessible online education platform which provides dedicated training platform to foster business creation.

    The way we measure it

    We measure the origins of the trainees to make sure that Livementor addresses people far from or discriminated against by classic job environment. We also measure the impact the training has on their lives: qualitative measure (satisfaction) as well as quantitative measure (% of trainess that found a job, started a business, etc.)