Founders / Executives Olivier Binet, Tristan Croiset

    Karos is an innovative carpooling mobile app leveraging machine learning, big data and mobile/geolocation technologies. We build a new public transportation system, comfortable, ecological and affordable, to revolutionize the way people move from A to B everyday !

    "Karos has a substantial environmental impact, with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 3.5 million tonnes by 2030 while maximising vehicle occupancy and improving traffic flow"
    In Ring Capital since 2023
    Employees 60
    They're hiring!

    Impact dimensions of the deal

    The impact company has

    Goodvest has developed a proprietary methodology to select investable funds that are fully aligned with Accord de Paris.
    Their methodology relies on a partnership with Carbone4, and the selection is updated on a quarterly basis to ensure selected funds remain compliant with targets.
    Goodvest counts on diversifying their offer to increase volume and divert capital to sustainable investments towards multiple asset classes : real estate, PE etc.

    The challenge the company wants to solve

    25,000 euros invested in a major French bank emit an average of 12 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year: that's more than the carbon footprint of a French person (10 tCO2eq per person per year)
    (Source :
    Oxfam & Carbone4Finance, 2022)

    The way we measure it

    Proportion of AuM invested in Accords de Paris compatible portfolio, tons of carbon equivalent saved, new thematic fund created (biodiversity etc.).