each One

    Founders / Executives Théo Scubla, Maxime Baudet, Fanny Prigent

    each One builds sustainable solutions to help refugees successfully integrate into business and gives employers innovative and inclusive alternatives to source, train, recruit and support talent integration overall.

    Most companies are keen to take action on inclusion, but are wondering how to do it. each One can help turn inclusion from a marginal issue into an imperative within the company's business model, since recruitment is a real performance driver.
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    Impact dimensions of the deal

    The challenge the company wants to solve

    France counts 1.2m refugees and newcomers, among whom 60% are unemployed, 80% are qualified enough to find a job, representing 600,000 potential applicants In parallel 370,000 job offers remain vacant each year, because companies can’t find the right profiles. EachOne's mission is to make the link between companies and refugees.

    The impact company has

    Each One’s solution helps remove those barriers by providing tailor-made training in soft and hard skills, and supporting R&NC in overcoming peripheral obstacles.

    The way we measure it

    We measure the number of refugees and newcomers achieving professional trainings with EachOne as well as the % of trainees with a sustainable outcome after a professional training.