Our Tech Impact strategy

The world is going digital… and facing one of its most important challenges with climate change and social inequalities. A new generation of ambitious tech companies that align business performance and impact is emerging.They call for a new type of investor to support their growth.

Digital wave

Software and tech are still “eating the world” with tech companies having demonstrated their ability to catch most of the economic growth. Tech's strong consensus has translated in 2020 into a massive performance divergence with the rest of the economy.

Impact intention

A world based only on financial growth has proven to be unsustainable. There is a growing awareness of the need for a more sustainable economic growth. All economic players now assess if and how a company has a positive or negative contribution to the climate and social issues.

At the intersection of digital and impact, there are new, global, scalable and sustainable solutions capable to tackle the social and environmental challenges.

The SDGs is a reference framework for both social and environmental impact

Regarding social impact, Ring Capital selects companies in line with SDGs targets, therefore focusing on inclusion and reducing inequalities. Regarding environmental impact, Ring Capital selects companies in line with SDGs targets and favors innovative solutions enabling a real change in a value chain to ensure resilience and sustainability.

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Main challenges we choose to tackle

Reasonable ways of consuming and living

  • Reasonable food for all
  • sustainable mobility & transports
  • sustainable housing & living together
  • responsible consumption

Sustainable business models and modes of production

  • circular economy
  • climate tech
  • responsible industries
  • monitoring resources & footprints
  • renewable energies
  • responsible agriculture

Inclusive & solidary society

  • inclusive economy
  • social cohesion & solidarity
  • silver economy
  • civic tech

Wellbeing & fulfillment

  • good education, orientation & formation
  • access to healthcare
  • personal data
  • future of work & corporate well being